The story behind our founder. - Alpine Abode

The story behind our founder.

by Elle Bryce on Jun 21, 2022

I have always been in love with making interiors beautiful. My first mortgage at the age of 20 was a tiny flat in a terrible location but I gave that little space everything I had. I’d trawl through gumtree listings for free or cheap furniture, buy my dinnerware plate by plate every payday and had meticulously planned out the colour and pattern of every cushion I was going to buy. There was even room to squeeze in a very trendy feature wall of sponged on velvet look paint in a dark plum/purple. It looked every inch like Monica’s apartment from Friends and I loved it.
And that desire to make my home a beautiful sanctuary has never really stopped. Friends and family always told me I should go with my passion and study design but I put a career in accounting first, and then babies, and it wasn’t until I was expecting my youngest son Noah at the age of 36 that I realised if I was ever going to follow my dreams I’d bloody better get my skates on!
So here we are, 2022, and what a couple of years to choose for all this to happen! Lol.
Alpine Abode has been open in our beautiful Snowy Mountains town of Cooma for just over 2 years now. The shop is every bit my style of interiors, Simple. Liveable. 
It’s modern Alpine style with a bit of rustic thrown in for good measure. It’s mixing different styles of design together cohesively because you shouldn’t have to conform to one singular style or rule.
It’s lots of natural materials and earthy hues. It’s feeling instantly relaxed when you walk through the door of your home in the evening because you just love everything about it and the way it makes you feel.